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Portronics Imooze

Specifications 1. Avago Optical sensor for precise positioning
  2. Epson Oscillator for accurate analytical signal
  3. ROHS certified ABS material
  4. DPI switch: 500 -1000-1500-1750 DPI
  5. Minute auto off for saving power
  6. Piano UV finish
  7. LXBXH ( 10.3X5.8X2.8)


Imooze is the sleekest and stylish optical wireless mouse ever made. This wireless mouse is specifically designed to add convenience and comfort to your computer experience. It features an internal storage slot where USB Dongle can be stored so as to prevent it from getting lost. This portable wireless mouse is the perfect solution for designers, artists and gamers as it is designed with speed adaptability and the speed can be adjusted as per the need of the users. 
Imooze comes with elegant 4 switch-able DPI settings ranging from 500 DPI to 1750 DPI. It is compact in size and very light in weight, thus it enables the users to carry the mouse along with them. This wireless mouse is available in three astounding color combinations.

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Product Description


Salient features Appearance: 
  One of the most elegant designs in the industry.
  Speed gears: 
  Its speed can be changed by pressing the left and 
  right buttons for 6 seconds.
  Useful for both designers and architects (needing a slow
  mouse) as well as for gamers (needing a fast mouse).
  Unique USB storage: 
  Stores the micro USB dongle inside the body of the 
  mouse; reducing its chances of getting misplaced.
  Same mouse available in a wired version too.


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