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Portronics MOJO II

Lightweight and small making it easy to carry around.
2600 mAh battery which can charge full Blackberry or 
other smart phones.
Emergency Torch: 
Rechargeable high intensity torch with 4 flash settings.
Retains its charge for more than 6 months if not used


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Product Description


Now it is easier to carry mobile charger along with you so as to keep your mobile device fully charged always. Portronics has introduced a 2600mAh portable emergency mobile charger that allows the mobile users to charge their device quickly and continue their important conversation over the iPhone. Mojo is a revolutionary mobile charger that comes with torch and four flash indicators. It is a compact, durable and sleek emergency iPhone charger that can charge almost all iPhones in matter of seconds.  It is an ultimate solution for emergency situations when your iPhone gets switched off due to low battery. Now, you can charge your device quickly with Mojo and enjoy your conversation without any interruption. It is very easy to operate and carry. So, no need to worry if you miss to charge your mobile device as the 2600mAh emergency mobile charger can easily charge your Bluetooth, iPhones and PSP in matter of second, thus keeping you connected always.


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