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Portronics Phoni 2

It’s a revolutionary product which has been introduced by Portronics that helps cell phone users to reduce harmful radiation up to 96%. Phoni is a retro handset with luxurious soft touch texture. This handset is compatible with almost all mobile devices available today. It completely changes your cell phone experience and it is the latest way to talk now no matter wherever you are: at home, office or on streets you can talk without holding cell phone in your hands. Phoni is elegantly designed with superior quality speakers and microphone that deliver crystal clear sound and clarity. Its design offers your utmost comfort and protection from the harmful radiation that comes out from cell phones we generally use today.

Salient features Radiation proof
  Saves up to 99.5% radiation effects of mobiles 
  that have been declared cancerous by the WHO.
  Stylish design: 
  Very stylish silicon rubber finish in attractive colours.
  works with most of the mobile phones with 3.5 mm
  jack including Blackberry, Nokia, IPhone,
  Samsung, etc.
  No batteries required.


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Product Description


Specifications Unparalleled Conversation Comfort
  The Phoni Retro Handset is specially designed to transform any type of smart-phone/mobile-phone into a comfortable and convenient conversation device. The ergonomic design provides incomparable comfort, making the mobile phone practical for any type of conversation in any type of environment.
  The ability to leave the mobile phone untouched while talking allows the user to enjoy the convenience of utilizing all other functions of the mobile device mid-conversation, making plans, emailing, browsing the internet and access to calendars more simple than ever.
  Phono Retro Handset is compatible with mostly 
  all 3.5mm jack including the iPhone, 
  BlackBerry, HTC, Samsung, LG and Nokia. 
  Some of the other brands might not give 
  you a good performance
  No batteries required: 
  There are no batteries required. You are just 
  required to plug this headset to the mobile and 
  the device is ready to use.
  Eliminating 96 Percent of Radiation: 
  Numerous medical reports have shown mobile 
  phone radiation is dangerous to one's health. 
  The new Phoni Retro Handset reduce mobile 
  phone radiation by a minimum of 96%, or even 
  up to 100% for many mobile phones!
  Black and Red
  Double layer (Blister with card board - easy for shipping)


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